Idea Design Studio is always on the lookout for hot new inventions, and one that has caught our eye is the awesome UrbanX E-Bike Wheel, from the UrbanX team. (

With the UrbanX E-Bike Wheel, you can turn your regular bicycle into an electric one in under sixty seconds. Your new e-bike can travel up to 30 miles, and at speeds of 20 miles per hour. The UrbanX fits any bike, and only weighs fifteen pounds, instead of the 60-90 pounds that electric bikes can typically weigh.

To attach the UrbanX E-Bike, all you need is a wrench, screwdriver, and sixty seconds of time. Simply swap out the front wheel, secure the throttle to the handlebar, and connect the wheel to the throttle cable. All of this in under sixty seconds, and you’re on your way to an easier bike ride, while also saving you valuable time and energy. Big hill coming up? Push the throttle down and power your way up that big hill!

UrbanX also allows you to switch between an all-electric bike, your traditional bike, or a pedal assist mode. Coming in two sizes, a 350 watt and 240 watt motors, it’s street legal in nearly every state and country. The fully electric thumb throttle allows the bike to work the pedals, saving you energy on the way home from a long ride. The UrbanX will fully start shipping in July, but you can visit their Kickstarter page, listed above, to preorder yours now, and at a discount from the full retail price! If you’re looking for an easier way to ride your bike and save yourself time and energy, the UrbanX E-Bike wheel is for you!

Idea Design Studio loves the design of the UrbanX E-Bike wheel, and salutes the great team at UrbanX. Idea Design Studio has been at the forefront of the design, invention, and marketing world for the past decade, and loves to see great ideas like this. If you would like to learn more about Idea Design Studio, check out “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland”, premiering in 2017 on Fox News Network 9 and Bloomberg International TV.

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