Business people and innovators understand the potential of social media to connect and engage with consumers. Every small business or product requires a social media presence, say the experts at Idea Design Studio. Identifying what platforms will be best for your idea can be tricky.

To determine which platform best suits your invention, decide what you want from social media — which will completely influence your audience and which offers the capabilities you need? Most companies can’t be amazing on every single platform, which takes significant time and resources. It’s best to choose just a few to focus on and excel at, rather than be on all of them.

Here’s an summary of some of two social media platforms and how they can help move your brand, company or product forward.

Idea Design Studio Explains Twitter

Twitter matches an ongoing, ever-changing conversation. This is ideal for businesses that have daily news or announcements or that want to engage with customers right away. It can take some work to build a Twitter network, but it’s worth it.  Twitter’s main disadvantage: it’s non-stop. Until you get practiced to how Twitter operates, it can feel like a full-time job in itself, says Idea Design Studio.

Idea Design Studio Explains YouTube

YouTube is the excellent platform for showing off products or services. You can create product presentations, introduce new products, or create other videos about your company. The videos give customers a first-hand look at your business, and they can be linked to other social media platforms, reminds Idea Design Studio. Better yet: if you get a rather big platform, you can make your YouTube channel generate income by placing ads in front of your videos.

YouTube’s main drawback: while other platforms you can do yourself (and manage to do it well), you need some knowledge of video production to run a successful channel. While there are many highly visited channels where most videos are filmed on their phone, many use professional videographers to film and edit their video content, remind the experts at Idea Design Studio.

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